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Friday, 19 January 2018

Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

Sage 50 is a business management software especially designed for small and medium size organization. Previously it was known as Peachtree Accounting. As manufacturing appears to be a complex sector. For small manufacturers , management of inventory, fulfillment and customer expectation can be quite complicated. Thus, Sage 50 comes to rescue with its exception features , robust inventory management, and tracking tools.

Key Features Of Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

Here are some features in Sage 50 which will help manufacturers in growth of their company.
  • Tracking BOM revisions
  • List of work tickets
  • Creating purchase orders according to stocking levels
  • Improved inventory management and other trending analysis
  • Systematic inventory tracking
  • Selling or ordering using your vendor part numbers
  • Break in Quantity price
  • Selling or buying of goods in different units
  • Improvement in drop shipping capabilities
  • Manufacturing of specific operational reports
Along with these exceptions features or tools Sage 50 comes with Sage Business Care Silver. It is an auto-renewing program which automatically provides upgrades, customer support, online training, customized reports and a lot more.

Benefits of Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting:

You can now read about benefits of Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting software.

Time Saving with effective Accounting: You can now easily send invoices to your customers along with payment of bills and tracking of bills. It is a time saving solution.

Your Business is more organized and systematic: You can set alerts for emails so that whenever you receive any important email, you can receive an alert. Sage 50 can easily be integrated with Microsoft Excel and Word which makes your work quite simple and easier. It also helps in providing insights by providing customized reports.

Cash Flow: It will keep a track of your cash spent. It will analyze and give you an estimate of your expected payments along with providing you with receipts from your Cash Flow Manager. It will also check and track your cash so that you know how much cash is required and what are upcoming obligations you have.

Payroll: You can now easily work with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions as it can easily be integrated with your Sage 50 accounting solutions. With payroll, you can now print or directly deposit paychecks in your clients bank accounts.

Taking Control of your numbers: It gives you a complete control as you can now control user access. It is also very secure solution and provide your data a complete security. You can now check for common accounting errors and rectify them as soon as you can.

Easily tracking and management of Inventory: With Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting Solution, you can build a secure inventory assembly and keep a track record of your customer orders and bills. You can choose from Average, LIFO, and FIFO inventory costing methods.

If you need more information about the Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting solution, then you can always contact Sagesupportnumber. They are one the most recommended Sage Customer support service provider. To get in touch with them, you just have to dial their toll-free number and they will get in touch with you within minimal wait of your time. They are available round the clock, so you can connect with them anytime according to your convenience. You can also visit their website and request for online chat support.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

How to Fix Sage Error Connecting to Database

Sage 50 is a book-keeping solution especially designed for small and medium industries. It was formerly known as Peachtree Accounting. It is an easy to use desktop solutions which has cloud access i.e. you can access your Sage 50 software from anywhere and anytime. While working on Sage 50, there are certain chances that you encounter some technical or function errors. If they are not resolved soon, then they can cause a heavy damage to your business. One such common technical error is Sage 50 Error “Connecting to Database”

Error: Sage Error Connecting to Database

Technical errors can often be categorized as run-time errors, logistic errors or synchronized errors. Sage Error Connecting to Database is a run-time error. While you are working on it, you are unable to open any file and you will receive the following error message:

Error: “Cannot open company, there is an Sage error connecting to database”

When you are trying to open any data file, you may encounter this error. The various reasons which are responsible for this error are problems which occur in server computer or ODBC issues, etc.


Here are some solutions which are recommended by sage experts to resolve this Sage 50 Error:

Solution I: The data files resides in C:\Program Files\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\)
  • Change the location of .SAJ folder and .SAI file outside of C:\Program Files\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\).
  • Select the SAJ folder and right click on it.
  • Select “Properties” option.
  • You will have to un-tick the “Hidden” and “Read-only” checkboxes.
  • Go to “Security Tab”.
  • Make sure that all Groups or Username which are working on this server or workstation are listed and have Full Control access rights.
  • Click on OK option.
  • Click on SAJ folder and open it.
  • Now you will have to delete the file process .pid
Solution II: Check ODBC Issue
  • Check that you have installed ODBC on your system.
  • To verify that you will have to look for it in Programs and Features or Add Remove Programs.
  • If your system is missing that, then Install ODBC by browsing to C drive (C:\Sage\Sage 50 Accounting <version>\BIN\MySQLODBC\)
  • You will have to run mysql-connector-odbc-commercial-<version>.exe file in your system.
Here are some solutions by which you can easily resolve Sage 50 Error. If you still some assistance, then you can contact Sagesupportnumber. It is a third party Sage consultancy who have hired Sage certified professionals who have years of experience in handling such technical and functional issues. To contact them you just have to call on their Sage 50 customer support number 1 (844) 857 4846. You can also visit their website and request for online chat support.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sage Time & Attendance Software

Sage Time and Attendance is a comprehensive solution which will help you in saving your time and manual labor of entering the data in spreadsheet. As time is very important and is rightly said time is money so without wasting extra which can be utilized somewhere else in making strategies for your business.

As employees are the basic foundation and future of tomorrow and you need to maintain the track for their time and attendance that every dollar you spent on them is actually worth it. It is a software which automatically tracks your time and attendance. It is a platform which helps HR and payroll professionals in improving their payroll accuracy, controlling their cash flow and becoming more efficient. The employee time will be recorded mechanically and the software will store the sick leave, vacation and paid time off (PTO), of each employee per year and provide the HR and payroll professional with such effective tools that will eventually monitor and provide assistance in payroll.

The Sage Time & Attendance software ensures compliance with labour regulations providing proof of attendance, wage of employee and hour regulation along with the ACA. It also includes other important factors like labor cost, overtime cost, etc. It automatically transfers the employment, time, and wage data per employee with the help of this software effectively and efficiently. The basic workforce management integration provides security to the sharing and transferring of data from one part of the organization to another without manual work and accurately.

Benefits of Sage Time & Attendance Software:

Here are some benefits of Sage Time and Attendance:

Integrated with Payroll: It manages manager and employee time self-service by eliminating traditional time clock. It is often delivered as cloud solution which can be easily integrated with Sage HR and Payroll Solutions. It can also provide you extra time as, it can automatically process importing and validating your data from any data source.

Boost in productivity and risk reduction: With this software, working employees and their managers can easily log in into software. They can easily manage their time and save a lot of time by eradicating the burden of manual operation.

Working on attendance and labor data: It is complete web-based software that can be accessed anytime which eradicated the manual operations and minimize compliance risk, save time and money.

Increased Efficiency: It has an in-built ability to dramatically reduce the time required to perform routine task. You do not need to enter the data of employees manually but it will be automatically entered in the spreadsheet accurately.

Sage Time & Attendance software is integrated with some enhanced features which will save a lot of time as well as help you with accurate, faster payroll processing for minimal cost and risk. As it is said that “Time is of Essence”, so download and install it in your system. If you have any query regarding this software then you will have to contact Sagesupportnumber which is a third party Sage support consultant. You can connect with them by dialing their toll-free customer support number 1 (800) 927 2480 or visiting their website and requesting for online chat support. They provide 24*7 services, so you can connect with them at any point of time.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sage HRMS Technical Support Number

Sage HRMS is HR Management software from Sage Group. Sage HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It is a customized business software which was developed so that you can meet the HR management challenges. Sage HRMS is incorporated with payroll, employee self-service, recruiting and analytical capabilities which generally helps you to maximize the investments made on employees.

This comprehensive solutions which is highly recommended for small and medium business. It it integrated with many enhanced and new features like monitoring employee records, HR compliance & reporting, administration benefits & payroll processing, attendance and time along with employee training and certification. The Sage HRMS comes in two plans i.e. basic plan and premium plan. They are:

Basic Plan: The basic plan is also known as Silver Plan. It is an essential plan for most of the Sage HRMS customer. This silver plan includes unlimited technical support assistance, online chat option along with several software upgrades and enhancements such as quarterly tax updates which will boost your production.

Premium Plan: This premium plan consist of many extra features like maintenance, 24*7 support, software training. It is also known as Gold plan which has several enhanced add-on and tools integrated which also provides assistance in various informed decisions along with provides the requirements of ACA. You will receive all the benefits of Silver Plan along with some extra benefits.

Features of Sage HRMS Technical Support:

Here are some exceptional features:

Cobra and HIPAA Compliance: It is a very flexible feature which provides notification describing issues like cost, coverage options, billing statements and eligibility report thus making a compiled report kind of notification.

Reporting Tools: It is incorporated with strong reporting tools which provides important information regarding flexibility and strategic plans. It has an in-builty reporting tool known as Sage HRMS HR.
Tracking Benefits: It helps in tracking as well as generating reports.

Government Reporting Compliance: It helps in managing government requirements for regulations like EEO, I-9, Vets-100, FMLA, OSHA and worker’s compensations easily.

Time-Off Management: This features provides you with the capability of tracking all kinds of time-off like jury duty, medical leave, etc.

Data Security: It has a high level security by securing your data and providing information and control of groups which has access to any level of data.

FMLA Tracking: With the help of this exception feature, you can now assign regular leaves for absence and manage your reports by marking leaves of absence. It can be easily covered by FMLA, it also keeps a track of medical certificates and retifies it properly. It also helps in tracking FMLA time duration.

Sage HRMS has some exceptional features and its add-on will definitely help in providing boost in your productivity. For more product information you can contact Sagesupportnumber who is a Sage support agency. They have an elite team of Sage certified professions who have years of experience in handling technical as well as function Sage issues. You can connect with them by calling them on their Sage customer support number 1 (844) 857 4846 or visiting their website and requesting for online chat support.

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Sage 200 Software Support Number

Sage 200 is a famous bit of software which is utilized by numerous organizations around the globe. Regardless of whether you are new to bookkeeping or not you will locate that Sage 200 can help you. Staying with track of a's records is no simple accomplishment, however it is fundamental. The accomplishment of a business relies upon making a benefit so it makes sense that you will need to take a gander at cash in and cash out, to guarantee that your business is doing what it should. Doing this physically can be confounding and tedious, which is the reason you should take a gander at getting some product to help you. There are diverse decisions with regards to bookkeeping software, however Sage has been around various years so in the event that you need a bit of software whose experience represents itself with no issue, at that point it ought to be the decision for you.
This article investigates Sage 200 software, what its advantages and key highlights are, and where you can buy the product.

Quick Specifications

This product accompanies money related capacities, client relationship administration (CRM), and business insight abilities. The Sage 200 software is intended for use by organizations that have in the vicinity of 5 and 250 representatives, and it can oblige up to 50 clients at one time.

The Sage 200 Software includes an effective monetary arranging and information catch framework. It will enable you to process exchanges rapidly and effectively with different formats. It additionally enables you to make your own money related layouts if required. Sage 200 is intended for use with various monetary forms, and enables you to control the business speculations and money accounts paying little mind to what cash they are in. This product is fundamental for dealing with the greater part of your business accounts, and it will spare you both time and cash over the long haul.

Another component of Sage 200 is that it can deal with all parts of your client connections. It will enable you to design and execute crusades, track the execution of offers groups and increment the viability of client association. Another advantage of the product is its progressed mechanized email administration benefit which enables you to get the correct message to the perfect individuals at the opportune time.

Additional Modules

Extra modules are accessible to buy which can be utilized as a part of conjunction with the first Sage 200 software bundle. These modules incorporate business, venture bookkeeping, web time and cost administration, bill of materials, discount, retailer and development administration abilities.

Operating Systems

Sage 200 is intended to take a shot at Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Where to Purchase the Software

This product is unfathomably customisable and expert so you won't discover it in any retail locations. Rather the best place to buy it is on the web. You can just buy it from a guaranteed approved retailer of the product.

Visit ITAS for any further enquiries about Sage 200 software and any of its highlights.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Sage HRMS Technical Support

Sage HRMS, previously known as Sage Abra is a powerful human resource management software built by Sage. Human resource management is a detailed task which takes a lot of efforts to keep everything under the belt and free from errors. With Sage HRMS, this effort minimizes to automatic handling. It has several benefits which makes human resource handling easy and also efficiently productive for the organizations.

Sage HRMS Benefits
  • Handles compliance for human resource.
  • Helps in reporting analysis
  • Records all the employee records from identity to insurance
  • Files conversions, import and export to various database
  • Training modules for personnel development and overall organizational benefits
  • Customization of reporting essentials
  • Time management training modules for better efficiency

Sage HRMS Features

  • Detailed Employee Information
Sage HRMS has a track of every information about the employee. Big or small, identity or insurance track, everything is registered with accuracy in the HR management system. Moreover, there is a simplified way of extracting every information from the software.
  • Tracking System
Sage HRMS is a tracking expert. All the working employee data is tracked with exact figures, further to this, employee benefits and additional prerequisites are also tracked down by the system. It also keeps a record of the leaves taken by every employee and keeps a dig at the leave system of the company.
  • Government Policies
HR management system in Sage is build up with the latest regulations by the government. EEO, FMLA, OSHA and other government regulatory bodies which effect the HR is taken into consideration so that an rule cannot be violated.
  • Data Security Enabled
The HRMS software has been designed keeping the security of data in mind. It has high level security imposed which enables the users to maintain their data safe and out of concerns. Every file is managed with care and zeal.
  • Software Integrated System
Sage HRMS is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and MS Office to import and export data in and out of the system. There are reports which are prepared by the system and are further analysed through other programs like MS Excel, MS Access and MS Outlook.

Sage HRMS Technical Support - Call 1 (844) 857 4846

Sage HRMS is a huge and vital software. It can perform several tasks which out performs every other HRMS software. It is highly accurate and reliable and further helps to efficiently produce results for the organization. However, it is sometimes difficult to understand the HRMS system and therefore guidance is a must to produce effective results. We provide customer support for Sage HRMS in the form of the following details:
  • You can connect to Sage Technical Support via phone at 1 (844) 857 4846 and speak to our experts.
  • Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the domain.
  • We also have the option of live chat with our experts. To accumulate any information you can chat here and get quick response for your query.
  • We are available 24/7 to assist you.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sage Forecasting

Sage Forecasting which was previously known as financial Forecasting is one of the finest predictive software in the organization. Sage Forecasting allows you to export and work upon reports in MS Excel.

Features of Sage Forecasting

  • Forecasting helps to predict the financial decisions of the company which would effect in which way.
  • It enhances the cash flow by analysis and monitoring
  • Forecasting is all about preparing reports which helps in creating different scenarios for the betterment of the organization.
  • There are reliable and exact figures which are prepared via past analysis reports.
  • With certain predictions in the kitty it helps to confidently move ahead with the business proposals and promotions
  • All the data is collected from the Sage software and sent through sage forecasting to prepare reports.

System Specifications

  • 2 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM or higher
  • Disk Space of 600 MB or more
    (Note: this space should be available after installation of the microsoft windows)
  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Windows networking with over 1 Gbps network cards
  • MS Excel 2000 or higher

Forecasting Installation Process

  • Download the installation file of Sage Forecasting
  • By double clicking the downloaded file start the process of installing the software.
  • Click yes for the Licence Agreement of the Software
  • The next visual would ask you for the location of the file in the system to be stored. In case you want to change the destination select browse and change the course of location.
  • Tap next and in the next visual start installing the Sage Forecasting Software.
  • Tap next
Note : A window during the installation process may appear. Do not attempt to do anything with the screen.
  • The window will disappear itself during the installation process)
  • Tap Finish and start using the Sage Forecasting Software

Sage Forecasting Support - Call 1 (844) 857 4846

Sage 50 Forecasting is like pre assumption of various dialects in an organization. It comprehends the entire Sage software to build up reports which in turn helps the business to prepare reports from reliable and accurate data. However, Sage Forecasting can be very difficult to understand and prepare. If you have any concerns regarding the software you can contact our Sage Support team at 1 (844) 857 4846 and get insights about the software. We have experts of sage who would guide you through the Sage Forecasting software and also fix any of your concerns. We are available 24/7 at your door to conquer any of your concerns.

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