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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Sage 50 Payroll- Install Your Update: Payroll Year End 2018

Sage 50 Payroll is straightforward payroll, simple and amazing software, which is especially designed for small and medium sized business. It is capable of managing payroll process for 15 to 25 employees. With this software the user will always be up to date with automatic enrollment and legislation including Real Time Information (RTI).

With all the features and tools to manage complete control, secure data storage, including automatic assessment and direct link HMRC. Save their important user information in one place and keep it secure by applying access rights for users. Sage 50 Payroll assists to grow swift, efficient payroll, and accurate. Deductions and Payments including PAYE and maternity pay and statutory sick pay. The user may contact on Sage 50 technical support for any assistance.

Sage 50 Payroll Update their installation - payroll year end 2018

When to install their update

As soon as they receive the automatic update prompt, they should install the update. If they haven’t received the update prompts yet and don't want to wait, they can manually install and download it.

Before they install

Levy Apprenticeship

If have split the apprenticeship levy across multiple companies and they are not part of group of connected companies. When they install the year end update the settings, it has changed back to the default. It is recommend then to note down the annual threshold values and annual allowance in all business before they update and install, the user need to re-enter the setting.

Data optimize

They should optimize their data, backup all their data files and make a note. Here the current software is installed.

• The need to open the Sage Payroll
• After open the company window, select the company they want to optimize.
• Select Optimize
• Select ok then try to log into company
• Select Help and select About.
• The user needs to create a note of the program directory.
• Check their version number.
• If the version starts with 24, they have already installed their software update. They should now prepare for year end.

Manually install and download the update

• First close the Sage 50 payroll and other software
• Enter their My Sage Login information and select Download.
• Select the Save and ensure they are logged into system as an administrator.
• Select accept license and select next.
• Double select the download and start the installation.
• Select Yes.
• Select No and click on Yes.
• Click on Open and select ok.
• Complete the installation and select Close.

Download and install the automatic update

• Select on Download and complete the downloading.
• Select on install and select Accept License and select next.
• Select on Yes and click on No.
• Click on Ok, when installation has completed, select close icon.

After using all these steps if the user wants to know some more details and information regarding this, or they need some issue, queries and concern; they can directly call us on our Sage toll free number 1 (844) 857 4846. We are all available on email and chat support number (Sagesupportnumber.com)

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Monday, 19 March 2018

How to Download and Install Sage 50 P11D in Your Computer System?

Sage 50P11D is an employee's tax benefits solution designed by Sage Group.To check whether you have updated your required legislation, it is mandatory that you install and upgrade the latest version of Sage 50 P11D v22. Make a note that the HMRC surveys the fuel rates four times in a year.

In the article below, you can read the process of downloading and installing the Sage 50 P11Dv22. The process below is recommended by the Intuit experts. You can also read on how to upgrade your software, in case you are using an older version.

Step I: How to download and install the Sage 50 P11D v22

  • It is mandatory that you should be logged in to the system as Administrator as it gives you access to various files and folders.
  • Check for the system requirements.
  • You should have My Sage login credentials.
  • Go to Create Sage login details option.
  • You should have your serial number and activation keys with you. Before upgrading your software, create a backup for your data.
  • Verify your installation path by going to Help, then select the About option. Now, click on System Information and then select Application.
  • Close all the applications which are running in the back end of your system.

Step II: Downloading the Sage 50 P11D v22

  • Browse for Sage 50 P11D v22 updates.
  • Log in using the Sage credentials and download the updates.
  • You will receive a prompt on your screen to save the file. It is advised to save the executive file in your Windows desktop.
  • After the download completes, close the window by clicking on the Close button.
  • Refresh your Window by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting the Refresh option.

Step III: Install the Sage 50 P11D v22

  • Double-click on the executive file (sage50p11dv22.exe) and click on Run option.
  • The Sage 50 P11D v22 software welcome window will open and click on the Finish option.
  • Click Yes and accept the license agreement.
  • To upgrade your software, go to Browse to the location you have noted down and then Prepare section. Go to download and install section and then click on Open option.
  • Now, install the data files to the designated folder.
  • Go to Next option.
  • Add the default program folder in the software shortcut and then click on Next.
  • After checking your settings, begin copying the files and click on Next option.
  • Complete the installation.
  • Click on OK.

Step IV: Upgrade your Data

  • Open your Sage 50 P11D v22 on your workstation.
  • To upgrade the software, go to the yes option and click it.
  • Press Next and then click on Finish.
  • Now, you have successfully upgraded your Sage 50 P11D v22.
  • Log in to the software with the same log in ID and password which you were using previously. If your default username is Administrator then you won’t need any password.
If you have any trouble in downloading and installing the Sage 5011PDsolutions, then you should contact technical support agency like Sagesupportnumber for assistance. They provide round the clock assistance, so you can call them at any point in time. To reach out to them, you will have to give a call on their Sage customer support phone number 1 (844) 857 4846. Then the Sage expert will get in touch with you and help you with you Sage issues. You can also try out some alternate methods like writing an email to online email support or request for an online chat support by visiting their website.

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sage Instant Payroll : Sage P60 Forms

Sage Instant Payroll will enable their customer to run their payroll quickly and retain electronic user records. The customer can submit year end return to HM Customs & Revenue over the internet. It is very useful for employees on time, to keep up to date with legislation. Sage Instant Annual License plans offer them a range of advice service when they need them. Sage Instant Payroll receives online support which provides them easy access to any payroll solution.It is considered as the perfect application for small and new businesses.

In present day Sage Instant Accounts has become market- leading accounting software. It has complete control of the user cash flow and VAT. It will increase your confidence to make better business decisions. It is basically for small business accounts software with fresh ways to save their time and effort compared to manual bookkeeping and thus is more ideal for new small business and user-friendly software. It assists them manage their money, suppliers, customer and including VAT. Sage 50 technical support team are always ready to help you at any point of time.

Sage Instant Payroll : Sage P60 Forms

It offers a summary of pay along with details on tax that has been deducted during the tax year. Sage P60 Forms allow employees with a record of pay and tax contributions. It automatically aligns with Sage Payroll software as well as it is compatible with non-Sage software so there's no confusion and fuss when it appears to Payroll Year End.

The layout of Sage P60 Forms

It is simple and clear, giving users a concise summary for their records. It is compatible with Deskjet, Laser and Inkjet Printers which are available in packs of 50 perfect if they want to give out P60 forms internally.
  • Updated for the latest tax year.
  • A4 size paper 297*210.
  • Security self-sealing envelope ready to post.
  • Available for DeskJet/inkjet/laser printers in packs of 50.
  • Perfect if they want to post P60 forms externally.
  • It is fully compatible with Sage 50 Payroll.
Source: https://goo.gl/qGEHcF

Thursday, 15 March 2018

1 (844) 857 4846 What is Sage 50 Cloud Accounts? : Sage Cloud Hosting

Sage 50 cloud is the amazing software and known as Sage 50 Accounts desktop software. It is trustable and reliable software with the added power of Ms Office 365 incorporation.

The some feature of Sage 50 cloud Accounts software

Easily manage their invoicing and cash flowIncludes MS office 365
Easily and quickly see what they are owed, schedule supplier payments and mange late payments to suit their cash flow position.50 cloud Professional and 50 cloud standard available on 50 cloud Essentials for an more charge.
Quotes to give their business documents a professional edge and create personalized invoices.Collaborate and work anywhere with reliable applications such as Excel, word, PowerPoint and Outlook powered through business class email.
Work with suppliers and customers in their own currency. It converts them back to see where they stand. Handle exchange rate losses and gains and easily track.Join and host meeting and security store. It can access their document whenever they want.

  • Powerful VAT, simple and stock management, and bank reconciliation.
  • Easily and quickly calculate VAT, Reconcile to only pay what they owe.
  • Keep control of their assets with and create multi-product builds.
  • Secure mobile backups and working
  • Sage 50 cloud automatically stores their documents and data backup with secure.
  • Powerful reporting and tracking for projects.
  • The user can track their numbers by numerous ways and departments.
  • Log expenses and income against projects.
  • Keep track time, profits and progress.
  • Monitor performance with in depth reporting and create project budgets.
  • Manage supplier and customer relationship with purchase orders and a structured process by raising sales.

Apart of this if a customer wants to contact with us to call, chat or email support. They can call us on our toll free number. On the other hand, if you want to chat with us on chat window. We are available 24*7 for your support. At any time customer can contact on Sage technical support team.

Source: https://goo.gl/GVSSsr

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What is Sage 50 P11D?

Sage 50P11D is user-friendly solution which manages all the employees’ taxable benefits like company cars or a medical insurance, etc where you need to submit a P11D form to HMRC. You send these forms at the end of every tax year. It manages up to 25 employees and includes the complete legislation. You can now easily choose from the two editions of Sage 50 P11D according to your business requirement.

Sage 50 P11D (Standard): It is standard solution for your business. It will be beneficiary for small organizations ad helps in managing tax benefits up to 25 employees. It provides security to your data and with Sage 50 P11D; you won’t need an in-house expert.

Sage 50 P11D Professional: This software is basically required by the organizations with many complex requirements for managing the employees’ taxable benefits. The Sage 50 P11D Professional offers unlimited employee numbers and provides free Sage support services.

Managements of the employees’ expenditures along with the Benefits of Sage 50 P11D:

Automatic Tax Calculations

With Sage 50 P11D, you can easily manage all your employee’s taxable benefits. Now, you won’t require some other in-house expertise as Sage 50 P11D will save your time along with money. Along with it, it also includes the latest legislation from the tax year and ensures that your complete information is filled in the forms and the data is accurate and complete. It also makes sure all your details are protected and secured.

Sage 50 P11D also generates HRMC-approved statutory of the P11D, P11Db and P46 forms along with the whole year cost management reports for each and every employee.

Easily get connected with your previous information

You can now save your time by importing the data from all the other sources, so that you can easily avoid the duplication your data. You can easily extract all the details then transfer the employee along with the company data either from Sage 50 Payroll or from the CSV file. You can email your employees via Microsoft Outlook, manage mail merge through Microsoft Word, and export the employee data into the spreadsheet of Microsoft Excel.

Sage 5011P is considered as one of the best tax benefiting solutions. If you need more information regarding the software, then you can easily contact the Sagesupportnumber for assistance. To get connected with them, you will have to give a call on their Sage customer support number 1 (844) 857 4846. You can get connected to them anytime as they provide 24*7 services. You can also visit their website and request for online chat support assistance.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Modules & System Requirements of Sage 50 HR

Sage 50 HR is a solution which is designed on the HR interface with some enhanced features like tracking the employees, maintaining and analyzing their details and creating a real-time report about their performance, timings, holidays, etc. This product of Sage Group can be integrated with other third-party applications of Sage as well as other web-applications which are going to increase your work-flow and help your business to grow. Sage 50 HR is an HR solution which is available in desktop version along with anywhere & anytime cloud access.

System Requirements for Sage 50 HR:

If you want to install and run Sage 50 HR is your system, then here is a list of system requirements:
  • At least GB of extra free space in your hard-disk.
  • 2GHz Processor or higher is required.
  • Internet speed should not be less than 1Gbps.
  • Your system requires at least 1 GB RAM.
  • Windows Operating system (32-bit and 64-bit both are supported). Here is a list of Microsoft Windows OS which supports Sage 50 HR:
  1. Windows 10
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows Vista
  5. Windows Small Business Server 2011
  6. Windows Server 2008
  7. Windows Server 2003

Modules & Benefits of Sage 50 HR

Sage 50 HR is integrated with various tools with improvised features that will make your work easier and simple.
  • The installation process of Sage 50 HR is extremely simple and hassle free.
  • You will get free Sage cover support for a year.
  • One-year free subscription of online HR Advice.
  • Easily import and export data from Sage 50 Payroll.
  • Easy integration with Microsoft office which helps with mail merge and emailing.
  • Tracking of employees and maintain their records.
  • Helps in creating work permit and HGV license.
  • Recording employee checks like CRB and ISA.
  • Provides assistance by handling all your legal requirements by storing all the documents and securing them.
  • It manages the all the appraisals and performances of the employees.
  • It deals with all the disciplinary issues.
  • It sets the target for the employees, so that they can improve their work quality.
  • It monitors the cost and the attendance rates for all the training courses.
  • Provides assistance for individual development plans.
  • It creates exclusive comprehensive reports which are protected through passwords, so that the personal details remain safe and secure.
  • Your business will always be up-to-date with all the details regarding your business.
  • It creates a set of secure level access for different confidential data.
  • You can easily customize your HR software according to your business need.
  • It also has an exclusive feature through which you can manage all your important events and functions.
  • You can simply record the information like industry specific registration.
  • With calendar in Sage 50 HR, you can create your own default events.
Sage 50 HR is used and recommended by various small and medium industries for managing everything like accounting, Payroll, etc. just through HR and Manufacturing. If you have any queries regarding the software or you need assistance in installing it, then, you should contact Sagesupportnumber for assistance. To get in touch with them, you have to call on their Sage toll-free number 1 (844) 857 4846. You can get connected to them anytime as they provide 24*7 services. You can also visit their website and request for online chat support assistance.


Monday, 12 March 2018

Sage Software and Changes to The UK Government Gateway

Sage Instant Accounts are known for small and medium size business accounts software with advance ways to save manual effort and time. It is structured ideally for new and small entrepreneur, and much easier to understand. Recently the latest version of the software was introduced in the market (version 16). It makes your workflow more flexible. It integrates efficiently with new Sage pay and Sage Instant Payroll as well as it gives 45 days free technical support.

UK Government Gateway is a safe and secure online account where businesses and individuals can register themselves. It gives access to government online services. Their Sage software incorporated with the gateway for online submissions such as:

● Submissions RTI
● Returns CIS
● Secure mailbox IR
● Subcontractor validations CIS
● Returns VAT
● Sales lists EC

Instant Accounts and Sage 50 Accounts

While the user use Sage 50 Accounts v24, they can continue to make online submissions from their software as normal.

Sage 50 accounts v23 or instant and below Accounts

The user needs to upgrade Sage 50 Accounts v24 while you are using Sage 50 Accounts v23 and Sage Instant Accounts.

Sage 50 Accounts v24 is available for entitled clients to install now and download.

If the user experience any challenged in downloading Sage Accounts v24, they need to submit their details that will be forwarded with a direct download link within one working day.

The new Sage 50/50c Accounts subscription - It is also accessible, if they have Sage Premium, Extra and Sage cover Online.

Sage 200

Sage 200c Standard and Sage 200c professional have been launched with the ability to connect to the new HMRC online service.

If you are using this software, you may encounter with multiple error or issue with this. We hired some intelligent and professional employee to resolve all your concern. We have a toll free number 1 (844) 857 4846. You are welcome to call us anytime anywhere. We will give an instant response. At any time customer can contact on Sage technical support team.